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If you're really new to What's New, just keep scrolling down the page so you don't miss any of our links to Imperial-flavored stories, news items, photos, and artwork gathered from across the galaxy.

Time for Imperial Chicks everywhere to pay a visit to A Different Point of View, the main headquarters of TD-0013, that Alliance-harassing hunk of a Sandtrooper, whose hilarious, yet scathingly true podcasts lambasting those rotten Rebels and judgemental Jedi have garnered a slew of fluttering hearts since 2006!

TeeDee, as his fellow troopers call him, states with confidence: "If the 501st is Vader's Fist, then I must be his middle finger!"

In our opinion, there is no better spokesperson for the Empire's foot soldiers than this guy. But be forwarned that some of his talk is a tad adult and not meant for the ears of Imperial younglings.

Stop by and download the podcasts to show this Sandtrooper your love!

"Deathstar Reflections" - a touching and terrific piece of artistry that has been popping up on many Star Wars fan sites - oft times without proper recognition of the equally terrific artist WiL-Woods, whose talent is aptly displayed within the pages of his deviantART gallery.

According to the artist, the aurebesh writing on the memorial are actual names of some of his fallen friends and compatriots.

Like WiL-Woods, we Imp Chicks know that our Imperial men are really heroes at heart...and not cardboard villains as those who are ignorant may claim.

We've been getting a few messages from fans telling us that the link to one of our favorite fanfics "Admiral Piett and the Great Ewok Adventure" was broken.

A bit of sluething by Imperial Chick's Artist-in-Residence Fornarina uncovered a current link for the tale, plus the homepage of its brilliant author Monika E. Simon.

Haven't read Admiral Piett and the Great Ewok Adventure? Oh, my dears, you simply must! If only to bask in appreciation of the inimitable Admiral Piett who finally gives those scruffy little creatures from Endor their due.

In honor of her fondness for the aforementioned story, Fornarina has painted a series of new illustrations below.

Admiral Piett encounters an annoying Ewok.
Piett observes the situation from a high vantage point.
Time for action on Endor.

Celebration V - Where All Good Imperial Boys and Chicks Will Be This Summer!

Imperial Chicks will be there, too, cheering on the troops of the 501st Legion and making sure that the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, the most beloved film of the entire Star Wars saga according to fan polls, is an event to be remembered!

The festivities begin on August 12-15, 2010, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Lots of Our Men will be there, including actor Julian Glover (General Veers), Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett/Lt. Shekel), George Roubicek (Commander Prajii), Chris Muncke (Captain Khurgee) and others!

Go to the Official Star Wars Celebration V site for more information, tickets, and Imperial guest confirmations.

See you in Florida!!!

From Fornarina: Admiral Piett, his wife Lady Janel, and their canine take a spin in an Imperial aircar.

Just when you thought we still couldn't get enough of him: Actor Kenneth Colley, who portrayed the inimitable Admiral Firmus Piett, has been a very busy bee...according to a little birdie from the UK! 

Colley is currently playing a pathologist named Frederick Smith in the series Casualty 1909, a BBC program about the Royal London Hospital set in the year...1909! Our birdie also informs us BBC-deprived Imp Chicks that Colley's character did a post mortem of a body and it was VERY gory! Ooooh...shivers. Check it out if you're in the UK! The rest of us will have to wait until someone posts a scene or two on YouTube. (Hint...hint!)

Pretty in Pink...in an Imperial Galaxy far, far away! Sure to bring a smile when BoingBoing and LOL Cats strut that Star Wars style!

Too cute! Meet Pink Princess Vader from Comic Con 2009.
LOL Cat Strikes Back!
Way too cute! Hello Kitty meets TK-421 at Comic Con 2009.

Now here's an Intergalactic Romance mag we Imp Chicks can relate to! Professional artist Joanne Renaud sent us this cool piece, featuring those two ill-fated lovers Imperial Captain Kale Roshuir and Rebel spy Deena Shan. (Click on the cover for more detail! If you're not familiar with the bittersweet tale of Kale and Deena, check out the bottom of our Comics Page.)

"This might possibly be the silliest thing I have ever done," says Joanne on her diviantART page. "But I wish this magazine existed, because I would SO read it."

The very talented Joanne Renaud is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Her site bio states she "enjoys travel, history, costume design, classic movies, old musicals and cheesy fantasy art." She has illustrated covers for the children's books Honey Cake, The Seventh Jewel, and fantasy/sci-fiction magazine "Astonishing Adventures".

See more examples of Joanne Renaud's marvelous work on her website, fun blog, and on her diviantART space.

Refugees (ff.net)

Fanfiction author ChristineX informs us that Chapter II of the Chief Bast romance Refugees is now online over at ff.net. Well worth reading!

From Fornarina: a cute cartoon of Admiral Piett...being "playfully malevolent."

Reviews for Kenneth Colley's performance in the BBC police drama Holby Blue are in...and they have some wonderful things to say about his superb characterization as the estranged father of series regular John Keenan, played by actor Cal MacAninch.

This quote got our attention: "Ken doesn't look like a bully, but he manages to make him so playfully malevolent it was frightening." (Oooh....gives us goosebumps just thinking about it!)

Read all about KC's performance on the BBC press release page, along with a DigiGuide article that has a cool still of Colley from the production! (Check out his body language opposite MacAninch...it's positively menacing!)

Refugees (ff.net)

Brought to our rapt attention: Refugees, a thoroughly romantic, neatly-written Chief Bast tale, by author ChristineX, over on fanfiction.net!

ChristineX states, "There seem to be two schools of thought regarding "Chief Bast" (he was listed only as "Commander #1" in the credits for Star Wars, although most sources I've found state that his rank was actually the equivalent of a Major General). Some say he perished on the Death Star along with everyone else, while others claim that he had to have survived, as his character had a cameo in the Star Wars Holiday Special, which takes places a few months after the Battle of Yavin. Obviously, I believe he survived, or there wouldn't be a story at all. As with pretty much everything else I write, I'm trying to stick to canon as much as possible, but when it's muddy (as it is here), I'm taking the ball and running with it."

We suggest you run right over to this ff.net link to read the beginning chapter that takes place between the tail end of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back!

Chief Bast thought he'd left the worst behind him when he escaped the Death Star's destruction; but with an unpredictable Rebel prisoner in tow, he discovers his troubles are just beginning.

Mark Newbold of Lightsabre fame has a terrific Interview with Kenneth Colley, along with fantastic screencaps of the actor who played Darth's go-to guy, Admiral Piett!

When asked if the inimitable Admiral Piett had truly 'bit the bullet' at the end of the film Return of the Jedi, Colley replied:

"Well when we shot that scene, that last one on the bridge and that was the end I said 'Well, that's the end George isn't it, now he's dead.' and he said 'Well, not necessarily, in Star Wars you never know.'  But I don't know what he had in mind."

Be still, our beating (and ever hopeful) hearts...

Star Wars buffs and historians take note: Don't forget to check out Lightsabre daily for news, rumors, exciting fanfic, artwork, and an amazing array of actors, writers, and production personnel interviews on the site!

A keen profile of a younger Jerjerrod, rendered by Fornarina.

"Wherefore Art Thou, Michael Pennington?"

For those fan girls (and guys!) interested in the current doings of Star Wars actor Michael Pennington who ably portrayed Moff Jerjerrod in Return of the Jedi, check out the Michael Pennington Page. Neatly put together by Mary Hunwicks, the website contains current news, a bio, articles and reviews of Michael Pennington's film, stage and writing career.

If you were curious as to why Imperial Moff Jerjerrod has been missing from Star Wars Celebrations, this site might answer your question as Michael Pennington has been one busy scholar extolling the virtues of those brilliant playwrights Chekhov and Shakespeare!

Yoo Hoo! Calling all Thrawnaholics and SW fanfic aficionados! Book Three of Merlyn Gabriel's thrilling saga Daughter of the Empire is now online in convenient pdf form for your reading pleasure. Click on the banner at left to update your links to DOE, Books One and Two, on the blog's sidebar.

Pssst! A little birdie just gave us a heads up regarding actor/writer/director Kenneth Colley (Admiral Piett) who will be appearing in several episodes of the stylish BBC police drama series Holby Blue. Imperial fans in the UK can watch with delight...whilst we poor Imp Chicks here in the States and elsewhere will have to wait with baited breath for a future clip or two on YouTube.

Ummm, did we say we can't get enough of this guy?

Just for fun: An illustration by Fornarina of Admiral Piett massaging Lady Janel's feet. Some chicks have all the luck!

From Russia...with love! A romantic site devoted to the Death Star's Sunny Side. Viaru Tarkin is the writer, artist, and webmaster of this sweet piece of Imperial heaven. His fan fiction and distinctive artwork feature the dynamic duo of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and Tarkin's delicious mistress, Admiral Daala...along with a "special" appearance of Rebel terrorist Princess Leia. (Don't be alarmed...Leia's characterization meets criteria number five from our Submission Guidelines page!)

According to Viaru, his is the first Tarkin/Daala-obssesed site. The couple are the "brightest figures of Imperial elite, as well as the Galaxy's most brilliant pairing...Governor Tarkin and Admiral Daala show you all that was hidden from the prying eyes of their personnel. A constantly increasing collection of exclusive fanart is just the beginning..." (We Imp Chicks can hardly wait!)

The site is in English and Russian. Highly recommended. Stop by and say hello to Viaru. Let him know that the Imperial Chicks sent you.

Below: Wonderful artwork rendered by Viaru Tarkin for the Death Star's Sunny Side site.

"Hello, little one." Moff Tarkin tries to be friendly to a young, snot-nosed Princess from Alderaan.
Can't you feel the love? Grand Moff Tarkin and his companion, Admiral Daala...together as they were meant to be.
Looks like Leia finally fell for Tarkin's undeniable charm. However, Daddy Vader...and Daala...might not approve of the situation.

C'mon...this gadget would sell. We can see the entire 501st Legion having one heck of a tailgate before the next Celebration V!

Gizmodo had fun with some Star Wars rejected merchandise that "could have changed the universe forever."

Among the suggested promotional items cooked up back in 1999 by the creative minds at Action Figure Insider were a Han Solo Carbonite Mini Fridge, an AT-AT Walker Chair Caddy, and a keen Darth Vader Gumball Dispenser that spits out Death Star printed goodies. (Way cooler than a PEZ dispenser!)

We Imp Chicks think that these items would have been a hit with Imperial consumers...especially the cute Death Star Grill. (We so want one!) Makes us wonder why these things weren't deemed marketable by Lucasfilm and Pepsi Co. Judging by the reaction from fellow Star Wars fans in both the Gizmodo and Action Figure Insider article comment sections, they're in full agreement with us.

Check out lots more visuals with detailed descriptions of the stuff at Action Figure Insider by clicking on the picture at right.

Exciting news from The Cult of Piett mailing list: Actor Kenneth Colley, who portrayed Imperial Admiral Piett in ESB and ROTJ, has written and directed an indie psychological horror film entitled "Greetings."

Featuring newcomers Matt Reynolds, Mel Stephenson, Kirsty Cox, Ben Shockley, Henry Dunn, John Rackham, and Maria Long, the film also includes a cameo from the writer/director. More info on the project can be read on Screen South, along with an audio interview of Colley with Charlie O'Brien on Invicta FM. The trailer can be downloaded from the official "Greetings" website. Check it out!

And if you're still hungering for more Ken Colley, Imperial chick Blitzen tipped us off to two clips from YouTube of the actor portraying Tchaikovsky from "The Music Lovers" and a spy in "The Sweeney S2E6 Trap."

Sigh. We can never get enough of this guy.

Below are more masterpieces from artist Fornarina, featuring the brilliant (and handsome!) Imperial officer Firmus Piett.

Shortly after the glorious Battle of Hoth, the recently promoted Admiral Piett, attired in a cold weather military-issue overcoat, debarks from his shuttle to give Lord Vader a status report.
From the fan fic "We Will Be Together till the End of Time." Admiral Piett congratulates a female pilot as General Veers looks on.
Captain Piett and his wife Lady Janel attend a formal event at the Imperial Palace. Captain Needa is seen to their right, whilst Admiral Thrawn's back is turned to the left of the happy couple.

The staff here at Imperial Chicks would like to wish all loyal citizens a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

We hope that you enjoy the upcoming New Year Fete Week in a grand manner. On New Year's Eve when the clock strikes midnight, (Coruscant Standard Time!) don't forget to raise a glass of t'ill t'ill in honor of our military men and women who bravely serve the New Order. Their devotion to duty keeps you and your loved ones safe from Rebel scum and villainy during this festive holiday season. May they be victorious and bring order to the galaxy in the years to come.

"Glory to the Empire!"

What a doll...or should we say dolls! Here's a little something to make you go "awww...aren't they adorable?" Look at these three Imperial sweeties. Their diminutive uniforms were designed and sewn by the nimble fingers of Kathy Van Bueningen, a commanding officer of the 501st Legion, who goes by the operating number of TK-9989. Kathy's generosity in sharing her creative expertise is much appreciated by Star Wars fans and amongst the many garrison members of the 501st. (Her Imperial officer's hat instructions are the best!)

In addition to helping her comrades in arms outfit themselves in Imperial style, Van Bueningen has won numerous awards for her costuming skills that encompass the entire Star Wars Universe as well as other genres. Guaranteed to make you go "oooh!" and "wow!" whilst you gaze in amazement at more of this talented lady's work.

We Imperial Chicks want to give Kathy an Imperial salute for her service in keeping our men and women looking great! Thanks, Kathy!!!

"Walker in a Winter Wonderland"

Part I of the Hoth Battle scene from ESB is just the sort of thing to warm Imperial hearts on a cold winter night!

Pop some popcorn, sip a fine beverage, and sit back whilst you view the heroic 501st Legion rub some Rebel scum into the snow.

Go to Part II on YouTube and listen as the supremely confident General Veers mouths those immortal lines: "Yes, Lord Vader. I've reached the main power generators. The shield will be down in moments. You may start your landing."

Sigh. It doesn't get better than this!

Santa Vader checking his holiday gift list for good Imperial boys like Tarkin, Veers, and Piett!

Look what Imperial Chick Prancer found under her Christmas tree...a Darth Vader musical snow globe designed by Kurt Adler!

What better way to celebrate the season than by having the Imperial Force's Commander in Chief surrounded by gaily wrapped gifts for his favorite officers General Veers and Admiral Piett. There's even a toy or two for Grand Moff Tarkin and bounty hunter Boba Fett.

Vader added some terrific stocking stuffers such as a thermal detonator, jetpack, lightsaber, DL-44 blaster, plus an adorable mousedroid tied up with a big, red bow!

The snow globe plays "Winter Wonderland," a song that reminds us Imp Chicks of the glorious Battle of Hoth. That's sure to put even a Sith Lord in a very merry and generous mood.

Click on the pic to catch all of the globe's glorious detail.

Grand imperial Theater!

Vic Wertz and Lisa Stevens, a couple from Seattle, WA, show their love of Star Wars film viewing by way of this stunning home theater pictured on the left! These two Star Wars enthusiasts had a room built to their unique specifications to resemble something straight out of the galaxy far, far away, with an emphasis on Imperial style.

"I like how the owners preferred an environment that was clean, well-designed, and worthy of the Empire, rather than some Rebel spit-stucco-and-bailing-wire-construct," says Imperial chick Captain Adellon Lity, who brought this news item to our rapt attention.

Read the entire article featured on the electronichouse.com website.

Before the Battle (ff.n)
We've said it before and we'll say it again: We just can't get enough of that guy Admiral Piett! What a thrill it is to discover yet another wonderful story featuring Firmus Piett and his boss, Darth Vader, over on fanfiction.net. Written by author Adalric, "Before the Battle" has Admiral Piett and Lord Vader sharing a night's watch before the Battle of Endor. Short and sweet...like our Admiral...when he's standing next to our favorite Sith Lord, that is!

It has come to our attention that some Imperial citizens may have fallen for recent Rebel propaganda that has Chief Moradmin Bast not surviving the Death Star tragedy. Even employees within Lucasfilm are a tad confused as to whether or not Tarkin's canny advisor perished during the Battle of Yavin.

The latest issue of Star Wars Insider magazine (#96) has Lucasfilm's canon expert Leland Chee confirming that the character of Chief Bast was a casualty of the aforementioned battle after being shown a brief film clip from A New Hope, wherein Bast is seen with Tarkin shortly before the Death Star went boom.

All we Imperial chicks can surmise from Mr. Chee's reasoning is thus: If a Rebel snowspeeder pilot nicknamed Hobbie survived a head-on crash into an Imperial AT-AT during The Empire Strikes Back, what's to prevent a resourceful and cunning Imperial officer like Moradmin from making a miraculous, last moment escape from certain death? In our best Yoda impression: "Hmmmm?"

While wishful thinking by Bast fan girls may not be enough to make Mr. Chee rethink the entire SWEU situation, Chief Bast was clearly alive after Yavin IV according to the package back of Hasbro's Death Star Briefing Room action figure set. Imp Chick Gia Octavia noted that Bast's written bio (vetted by Lucasfilm Licensing) reads: "Personal assistant to Grand Moff Tarkin aboard the Death Star, Bast shares Tagge's opinion that the Rebellion is more powerful than many Imperials believe. He is one of very few Imperial officers to successfully evacuate from the Death Star before its destruction."

And despite what some Star Wars (ie: pro-Rebel) fans may claim, it really was Chief Moradmin Bast, (not his twin, or a look-alike, according to a lame explanation for the discrepancy in Bast's Wookiepedia entry) portrayed by actor Leslie Schofield, striding alongside Lord Vader during the Star Wars Holiday Special - a production that we must admit...alas...depicted Imperial officers in a most unflattering fashion...literally.

Sigh. No matter which way the holocron canon blows, in our heart of hearts, we Imperial Chicks know that our beloved Bast Lives!

Alpine Garrison: Serving the Empire within the occupied territories of Utah, Idaho, and Montana.

Just a note to alert all loyal Imperial citizens in the Wasatch Mountain range area that members of the 501st Legion, Alpine Garrison, will be guarding the likes of Weird Al Yankovic at a Friday night concert, September 7th, in Salt Lake City, UT; sneaking in an appearance during the Utah State Fair parade on Saturday morning, September 8th; then heading up to Idaho Falls, ID, that same evening as Weird Al once more performs his rendition of "The Saga Begins." That's one busy weekend!

After taking a glance at Alpine Garrison's ultra-cool website, we got a nice icy feeling that this outfit really rocks! Any Rebels wandering onto the fairgrounds or attending Weird Al's concerts better run for cover, 'cause this outfit has a pet Wampa on its team!

501st Legion members Shane and Shawn Gordon posed with actor Richard Leparmentier who portrayed Imperial Admiral C. Antonio Motti in Star Wars, A New Hope.

Left: Another great pic from TK-1970, a.k.a. Shane Gordon, and his twin brother Shawn, a.k.a. SL-6942, taken at Celebration IV with Star Wars fan favorite Richard LeParmentier, whose characterization of the arrogant Admiral Motti being Force-choked by Darth Vader aboard the Death Star is one of the most memorable scenes from the entire Star Wars saga!

LeParmentier will be appearing at Dragon-Con, August 31st through September 3rd. Stop by and say hello to the Admiral if you're lucky enough to attend this incredible event. (Send us a photo with the Admiral and we'll post it on this site.)

Star Wars Insider #96

If you don't already have a subscription to Star Wars Insider, we highly recommend that you run out and grab the latest issue at your newstand on September 4, 2007.

It's an Imperial collector's special, focusing on the Rise of the Empire. The mag has lots of wonderful articles, artwork, and photos, with great quotes from Original Trilogy actors Ken Colley, (Admiral Piett) Julian Glover, (General Veers) Barrie Holland, (Lt. Renz) Richard LeParmentier, (Admiral Motti) and others.

There are some interesting tidbits about "Motti the Barbarian's" new namesake of Conan Antonio. Did you know that Star Wars authors Michael Reaves and Steve Perry wanted to give the Admiral the first name of "Zi" for their upcoming Death Star novel? And that one of several articles featuring the character uses "C. Antonio Motti?" (Looks like the middle name of Antonio is catching on. We like that!)

The powers that be even gave Chief Bast the first name of 'Moradmin.' However, after careful observation by Keeper of the Holocron Leland Chee, Chief Bast is considered one of the casualties aboard the Death Star because he was seen fleetingly on the bridge with Grand Moff Tarkin right before it blew. (Bast fan girls can stifle those sobs...there's still footage from the Star Wars Holiday Special proving that Chief Moradmin Bast survived!)

Don't delay getting issue #96 in your hands before it's sold out. Lucasfilm employees concede (more than once!) within its pages that Imperial goods outsell Rebel goodies. Not surprising when one realizes that marketing is all about style. The Empire wins that battle hands down!

From the deft brush of Fornarina: Three wonderful portraits of the inimitable Imperial Admiral Firmus Piett below...whom we are certain did NOT perish during the Battle of Endor, contrary to Rebel propaganda. Thrilling stories abound about one of our favorite admirals who cheated death by means of a strategically placed escape pod, seduced Rebel Alliance leader Mon Mothma, took out scores of those annoying Ewoks, and now lies in wait while he quietly formulates a brilliant strategy that will ensure a final victory over the enemies of the Empire!

Face portrait of Admiral Firmus Piett. Piett aboard the Executor. Enjoying the view from his shuttle.

501st members Shane and Shawn Gordon of Alpine Garrison, looking sharp in their Imperial officer uniforms, survey the scene during the May, 2007, Celebration IV festivities held in Los Angeles.

TK-1970, a.k.a. Shane Gordon, a proud 501st Legion member from the Alpine Garrison, sent us this great photo of himself (left) and his twin (yes, twin!) brother Shawn, a.k.a. SL-6942, wearing their spiffy, tailored uniforms at Celebration IV.

"My name on the legion boards is short trooper," says Shane. "I am 5'6" tall, so when I wear my armor I am shorter than the other troopers in my garrison. I was one of the stormtroopers that marched in the Rose Parade with George Lucas. My brother was Darth Maul, also in the Rose Parade."

"As for the officer uniforms, we made them so we had something else that was more comfortable besides armor," explains Shane. "Our outfits were made from a modified Civil War pattern. Shawn and I did our own sewing, but we had some friends (thanks Tara and Melissa!) help pin our outfits so that we could tailor them. We decided that if we were going to wear the uniforms, we would be high ranked. Why be a low ranking officer? So we went straight to the top."

Click on the pic for a larger view and check out their rank bars. (Extra points if you can figure out their military status in the GFFA.) These two went all the way in regards to their career insignia. We Imp Chicks just love that sort of ruthless ambition from our men in gray!

Recent renderings from Imperial Chicks 'artist-in-residence' Fornarina below!

From the ongoing saga "Angel of the 501st:" A face portrait of Imperial Naval Commander Vola Gabbe, who is none too happy serving under Inquisitor Arik Ganner aboard the ISS Black Asp. From an upcoming tale entitled "The
Quartaas Incident:" Lord Darth Vader
avenges 501st soldiers betrayed by corrupt Imperial officers in league with the Black Sun criminal organization.
From the SWEU, shortly before Return of the Jedi: Moff Jerjerrod is seated in his Imperial shuttle, ready for a tour of inspection as he oversees the timely construction of the second Death Star.

Supreme Commander of the Empire of the Hand.

Inertia (ff.net)
At long last, another chapter of the Thrawn family epic Inertia is here, awaiting your reading pleasure over on fanfiction.net. It's been a while since we've had any Thrawn tales thrown our way, (just kidding!) so all of you diehard Thrawnies and fan girls won't suffer any withdrawal symptoms!

Chapter 15: "Beginning of the End" As forces beyond her control conspire, Imperial courtesan Dania is given one chance to reveal her true feelings for Thrawn. Between love and duty, will she dare risk it? While in the future, Illyana has a revelation of Pellaeon's and a message from the Chiss Ascendency to respond to. Will her life ever be the same again? Pressure mounts as a figure from the past threatens the uncrowned Empress of the Hand's inheritance.

Inertia author MGA (Madame Grand Admiral) has rendered some lovely pen and ink illustrations for her story. To the right: D'saillyana, daughter of the late Grand Admiral Thrawn and Imperial courtesan Dania.

More of MGA's artwork can be seen at her Deviant Art gallery, where she goes by the name of Flowering Wolfsbane.

Domus Publica
Something wicked this way comes from Star Wars fan fiction author Julius Sykes:
A splendid collection of short stories, with an emphasis on our illustrious Emperor Palpatine, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and lesser known Galactic Empire heroes like Moff Jerjerrod and TIE Fighter Ace/Emperor's Hand Maarek Stele.

Using SW canon sources, then filling in the blanks with a deft touch, this guy has obviously done his homework in regards to the galaxy, far, far away. In addition to his fine Imperial fiction, Julius Sykes has written a series of facinating articles and essays in the site's Analysis section. Sykes' name was cited in the acknowledgments section of Revenge of the Sith: Incredible Cross-Sections, DK Publishing, (2005) by Dr. Curtis J. Saxton for his "scholarly example."

TK-501 gave us a heads up to check out Domus Publica...and are we ever grateful for the tip. (It was like finding buried treasure!) Imperial Chicks will feature each story in the coming weeks as we link and/or archive them onto our individual profile pages. Until then, have fun perusing the author's Inventions index for gem after gem of reading enjoyment.

Below: And he's a terrific illustrator as well!

An illustration by Julius Sykes entitled "Something Wicked This Way Comes: Galactic Emperor," the fourth picture of a series that finds Palpatine of Naboo, newly acclaimed as Galactic Emperor, attending a reception in his honor, surrounded by some of the most influential figures in the new order of the age. Go here to figure out who's who of the rising Empire.

Artist Kevin Graham's rendering of Admiral Conan Antonio Motti for Topps Star Wars 30th Anniversary Sketch Card collection.

After 30 years, Lucasfilm has finally given Admiral Motti an official first (and middle!) name to call his own. Admiral "Conan Antonio" Motti is now officially SWEU (Star Wars Expanded Universe) canon, and we Imperial Chicks couldn't be more thrilled!

Last fall, a letter was sent to Lucasfilm requesting that the Death Star officer who first gave fans a look at the Dark Side (via a Force-choke demo from Lord Vader!) be given a proper first name. We Imp chicks suggested 'Quintus,' after an ancient Roman general known for his court intrigue, or 'Romodi,' which a researcher on answers.com claimed was Motti's alternate name taken from the 1977 Star Wars novel. Of course, any name for our revered Admiral would smell as sweet; but Star Wars Creator George Lucas had his own ideas!

Fast forward to May 2nd of this year, when George Lucas was a guest on the "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" talk show. Host O'Brien brought out Star Wars trivia fan Jordan who asked something to the effect of "what was the name of that guy who got choked by Vader in the original Star Wars movie?" Lucas glibly replied, "Conan Antonio Motti." The answer to this question soon became part of Star Wars history...and as every Force fan knows...the Creator's word is final!

We Imp chicks just adore Motti's new middle name of "Antonio." It definitely adds a bit of dash to an Imperial officer who deserves to be more than the so-called bad guy who introduced us to that wicked cool Force-choke of Vader's...although that event is considered one of the most memorable scenes of the entire Star Wars saga, according to a 30th Anniversary fan survey from the folks at Wizard Universe.

"As to Motti getting a first and middle name, I couldn't be happier with your choice and George's nod," states actor Richard LeParmentier, who portrayed the Admiral in A New Hope. "The entire name is fabulous and Antonio contains a certain romantic air of mystery and danger."

We so agree...and surmise there's something yet to be discovered lurking beneath Motti's familiar, arrogant sneer. Let's hope that in the future the literary repertoire of SWEU will tell us more about the character, life, and loves, of Admiral Conan Antonio Motti!

Artist Kevin Graham rendered this fun cartoon for us in honor of Admiral Motti's new name! Check out Kevin's site here for more Star Wars, Sci-Fi, and fantasy artwork! In addition to his work for Lucasfilm, Kevin does other film and comic genres, is an Artists Alley regular at cons, and does private commissions (his Captain Jack Sparrow from POTC is to die for!) This is one busy dude! We Imp chicks really appreciate his talent and generosity to the Glory of our beloved Empire. Thanks, Kevin!

Face of the Rebellion
An exciting new story, written by Emperor's Fury,
that continues the adventures of Imperial officer Thor Bjarnesson and TIE squadron leader Nia Paragrin of "Aces, Eights, and Rebels."

You've been told that the Rebel Alliance is fighting the good fight, and it's all about heroic starfighter battles, breakneck speeder bike chases, and dashing lightsaber battles. Think again. This sequel to "Aces, Eights, and Rebels" has Strike Cruiser Gun Crate heading back into the fray with a new mission and a new management. Unexpectedly caught up in a deadly mix of political intrigue and ground-level mayhem, newly promoted Captain Bjarnesson and his crew are about to witness first-hand the true horrors of the so-called Galactic Civil War. As the true face of the Rebellion is exposed and casualties mount, can the Imperials look death in the eye and make it look down?

Feast your eyes on this powerful display of Imperial manhood!

Get a load of Hasbro's Death Star Briefing Room set! Tarkin, Motti, Tagge, Bast, Yularen, Cass, and Vader! Our men finally get the respect they so richly deserve. Sigh. Why, it's enough to make an Imperial chick swoon. Grab one off the store shelf or online ASAP before they sell out!

"I just want to take them all out and tweek their little cheeks!" says Imp Chick Gia Octavia, of the Imperial action firgure set. "I'm leaving them in their box, though, because they look too good in it."

Gia is the talent behind Villa Galaxia, a fabulous website that pays homage to the entire Wilhuff Tarkin clan. We've featured this author before, but for those of you new to IC, you might want to check out these well-written stories that span the pre-PT through the OT eras, and beyond. All of her work tries to remain faithful to the current Star Wars EU. If you are tired of seeing the Galactic Empire beaten, desecrated, or relegated to some forgotten corner of the galaxy far, far away, then this is the series for you!

First in Charity...First in Service!

Fighting for Peace, Order...and the Imperial Way!
Ever wonder what it's like being part of the
famous 501st Legion? Imp Chicks got the scoop by interviewing one of Lord Vader's finest.

Meet TK-8702, a.k.a. Tony Piccolo, Events Coordinator for Garrison Carida. This trooper works his Imperial tail off scheduling public appearences and numerous charity benefits to ensure that he and his fellow 501sters have fun while helping others in need.

After you're done reading about Tony, check out "Carida Unmasked," a cool vid on YouTube put together by 501st member TR-6517, a.k.a. Lisa Pantaleo.

More 501st action on YouTube! Watch stormtroopers (and a Sith Lord or two) of Garrison Carida invade Suncoast Pictures. Uploaded by TK-5918, a.k.a. Andrew Parmet.

Listen up! Mark Newbold, and our UK friends over at Lightsabre, just got back from Celebration IV Europe. Their site has exclusive coverage of the event, plus interviews with actor Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian) and Steve Sansweet, head of Lucasfilm Fan Relations.

And while you're there, don't forget to check out Lightsabre's past interviews with Star Wars film actors Julian Glover (General Veers), Richard LeParmentier (Admiral Motti), Jeremy Bulloch (Lt. Shekel), and Lucasfilm VPs like executive producer Rick McCallum, Pablo Hildalgo, and artist Joe Corroney, who talk about their work in the galaxy far, far away!

Lightsabre's Mark Newbold has been writing about Star Wars for over two decades. He and fellow fans Louis Turfrey, Paul Squire, Jason Brown, and Jonathon Hicks produce stories set in the Sentin Sector of the GFFA. Mark's wife Rebecca recently joined the team as Lightsabre staff photographer, contributer, and convention correspondent.

In the near future, one of our Imperial Chicks will be working with Newbold and company on a special audio project, featuring the voice talents of Star Wars actors. Stay tuned for more info.

Check out Lightsabre.com for exclusive news, interviews, and Star Wars fan fiction, filled with original characters, quality artwork, and action-packed plotlines!

Below, a lovely triptych by artist Fornarina depicting an Imperial romance between Admiral Piett and his lady love. Simply dreamy!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
The Imperial lovers embrace.
An Imperial lady gazes out into the distance, dreaming of her Admiral's return.

Winter's Tales
Wow! Vintage Star Wars fan fiction! Imp Chicks fan Moselle of Belladonna.org has a section filled with early 1980's Star Wars tales and poetry (read the stormtrooper ballad!) written by author Karen Winter way back in the days when story-starved fans used to exchange their original ideas for the GFFA in 'paper fanzine' form. Moselle was fortunate enough to get Winter's permission to archive this ground breaking work for an internet audience.

Most of Winter's SW fanfic has a strong Imperial bent, with an interesting take on the personal history of Lord Darth Vader, prior to the revelations of The Return of the Jedi, and the Prequel Trilogy. The OC of clone trooper Raan (a concept conceived nearly twenty years before PT and EU clone trooper fics became the rage in both SW canon and fan ficdom) is very well done. Start your journey with "Loyalties"...featuring Raan and his boss Vader shortly after the victory on Hoth. Then peruse Winter's Tales for more stories.

AT and T's Death Star symbol has nothing on the proposed Ras al Khaimah Convention and Exhibition Centre in the UAE.

"That's no moon!"

It's a space station! No, not really; it's architect Ren Koolhaas' cool design for a building with more than a slight resemblance to the ultimate (technological) power in the Star Wars universe.

Wired's blog page has more info on this stunning project, as well as humorous comments on its possible construction.

Nice place for an Imperial honeymoon...as long as the local rebels don't make trouble.

Just a few more days till Celebration IV in Los Angeles, California, marking the 30th Anniversary of the Star Wars legacy! Imperial Chicks members will be on hand to say hi to actors Richard LeParmentier, (Admiral Motti) Julian Glover, (General Veers) Kenneth Colley, (Admiral Piett) and others. Imp Chick 'reporter' Lizbeth will be covering the festivities. As usual, members of the 501st Legion will be patrolling the convention hall, maintaining order and posing for pictures with Star Wars fans, while assuring the public that not all Imperials are baddies.

A portrait of Grand Admiral Thrawn with an ysalamiri by Darren Calvert

A fan of Canadian artist Darren Calvert sent us this pencil sketch (left) digitally painted in Photoshop of the Chiss military genius Mitth'raw'nuruodo, better known to Star Wars EU fans as Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn.

More of this gifted artist's work can be viewed at www.darrencalvert.com. Check out the site's art gallery for other Star Wars renderings, along with lots of RPG, film, and comic book stuff. Definitely worth a look!

Speaking of Thrawn, some Imp Chicks can't get enough of this Chiss, so we're putting together a page of fan art devoted exclusively to the Grand Admiral, with some new renderings exclusive to Imperial Chicks. Stay tuned!

The Snotzenexer Trilogy
A well written AU tale, in three parts, by David Pontier, with an original Imperial characterization and a compelling plot that is on par with professional Star Wars author works. (Yeah, it's that good!) Pontier has graciously given Imperial Chicks permission to archive his Snotzenexer Trilogy. Until then, click on the links below, or go directly to David Pontiers' Fanfiction website to download an easier to read version of these and other Star Wars stories.

In Part I, the surviving Imperials, led by Admiral Snotzenexer, decide to engage the New Republic in a new type of warfare. In a Star Wars' version of the Cold War, Snotzenexer carefully dismantles the current Republic government and replaces it with his own. At the same time, he slowly removes one Jedi threat after another.

Part II takes place two days after the end of "The Return of the Empire." Mara and friends desperately try to strike back against Snotzenexer who has placed himself in a position of extreme power. Each day, President Snotdexter of the New Republic increases his holdings and expands his realm of influence.

In Part III, Mara, Leia, Han, and Thomas Thorin, an ex-Imperial Captain rescued from Hoth, slowly begin to amass a respectable Rebel force. Snotzenexer monitors their progress while formulating plans of his own. The result is a clash between the two sides that will change the shape of the galaxy forever.

By Fornarina: Countess Motti, Lady Meena, and their mouse droid Nibs, meet with Grand Admiral Thrawn who has returned from the Unknown Regions in part VII of the Imperial saga Angel of the 501st.

The Hand of Thrawn: Penelope (ff.n)
Fan fiction author Violet Light states that after reading Timothy Zahn's Star Wars novels, the character of Grand Admiral Thrawn captured her imagination like no other in that galaxy far, far away. She wondered what was in those personal files that the Moff in the Hand of Thrawn books dismissed as irrelevant. Imagining Thrawn as a married man, with a wife just as cunning, just as intelligent as her (in) famous husband, Violet Light hopes her story and original character of Xelarra does Timothy Zahn's canon characters justice. Enjoy!

An illustration by Fornarina of
Admiral Motti.

What's in a Name?

Something that's been bothering us Imp Chicks for some time: Why is it that a well known character like Admiral Motti was never given a proper first name, whilst lesser characters like that Rebel 'Wedge' Antilles have one in Star Wars canondom? After thirty years, we thought Admiral Motti deserves such a distinction. We decided to write the good folks at Lucasfilm to beg their indulgence regarding this very important matter. Read our request here.

A brand new Admiral Motti romance by a brand new author who prefers to remain, well, 'Anonymous.' Quintus Motti has risen swiftly through the ranks of the Imperial Navy, partly due to his Core family connections, and partly because of his socialbility and willingness to exploit a given situation. The playboy in Motti is not keen on settling down with any one woman, least of all an arranged marriage by his parents with a girl he hasn't seen since she was a child of eight. As his impending engagement looms, Motti pursues a mysterious young lady he meets at a party. Rated PG-13.

Below is artist Fornarina's latest: A trio of Imperial Glamour Girls from the story "Angel of the 501st", looking pretty for those brave men in uniform.

The Baroness Sophia Tagge, wife of Baron General Ulric Tagge. Beloved benefactress to the House of Tagge homeworld of Tepasi.
Just for fun: Madame Director Ysanne Isard of Imperial Intelligence, dolled up as a Hollywood-style Vamp.
A young Countess Alyce Motti, attired for a performance of the tragedy "Uhl Eharl Khoehng," starring Adalric Brandl.

More chapters are now up for the ongoing "Tales from the Galactic Empire: Survivor." This brilliant work from author G. A. Thrawn chronicles the adventures of Colonel Maximilian Veers, who escaped the first Death Star's destruction by crash landing on the jungle planet of Yavin IV. Battling the elements, pursued by vengeful Rebels, and haunted by the spectral voice of a ancient Sith Lord, a wounded Veers must gather his strength, wits, and Imperial army expertise in order to survive. Don't miss out on this exciting character study of one the most popular heroes of the Empire!

Imperial Chick's 'artist-in-residence' Fornarina has rendered more fabulous illustrations for our fan fiction stories below. Click on the pictures to enlarge. You won't want to miss any details!
From "Tales of the Galactic Empire: Survivor," recounting Colonel Veers' struggle to survive the Yavin jungle after escaping the destruction of the first Death Star. Moff Jerjerrod contemplating the 'doubling of efforts' operation in his office aboard the second Death Star. From the story "We Will Be Together Till the End of Time." A scene from "Admiral Piett and The Great Ewok Adventure," wherein Piett romances Rebel leader Mon Mothma in the meadows of Endor.

A great General Veers story that first premiered over on the Force.net fiction forum. Written by Oddly Salacious, "Adrift" is set sometime between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. In the author's words: Veers was Vader's man on the ground. Who was he? What compelled him?

A Clone in the Dark
At long last, a really cool stormtrooper tale! From the amazingly creative team of the Star Wars Fandom Comics website, comes a short story written by Keith Kappel, with an illustration by the talented artist duo of Christopher Chaisson and Ryan Brooks. Set 11 years before the Battle of Yavin, "A Clone in the Dark" concerns a squad of seasoned stormtroopers who get more than they bargained for during a routine excursion to the mines of Af'El.

The rendering below was done by artist Steve Criado, yet another talented team member from Star Wars Fandom Comics. More of Criado's work is on the SWFC site and his Deviant Art Gallery.
Cover art by Steve Criado for the exciting web comic Cracken's Crew: The Invisible War, written by Keith Kappel, with lettering by Ryan Brooks.

NOTE: When you visit SW Fandom Comics, don't let the Rebel Alliance symbol fool you. There is plenty of Imperial action going on within the pages of this professionally-rendered site. Check out lots more fiction, artwork, and RPG Sourcebooks, that include bios of Imperial officers like Tarkin, Needa, Pellaeon, and OC Imps, plus the ongoing web comic series "Cracken's Crew" and "Tales of the Chu'Unthor." Highly recommended!

Except for Adjani (ff.n)
Gilad Pellaeon fans will be pleased to know that author Mariko Duknic has updated the story "Except for Ajani" over on fanfiction.net! This elegantly written romance details the events that led to the discovery of Imperial Captain Devis possibly being the son of Admiral Pellaeon hinted at in the Star Wars EU novel The Final Prophecy.

Below: More gems from artist Fornarina for the Imperial saga Angel of the 501st.
Countess Alyce Motti gazes at a teen-aged portrait of herself and brother Quintus Motti who would later become an Admiral aboard the ill-fated Death Star battlestation. A face portrait of the beautiful Countess Alyce Motti, Coruscanti socialite and rumored mistress of the Emperor Palpatine. Commander Gabbe and Officer Rost share a moment of concern over the unusual orders issued by Imperial Inquisitor Arik Ganner.

Imp Chicks fan Greg wrote us recently about a fun Captain Needa mention in an episode of the popular TV sitcom 30 Rock. The episode is entitled "Jack the Writer." Lots of other Star Wars references in 30 Rock programs, according to the program's Wickipedia trivia section. We like that.

An Empire of the Hand fan fic, featuring Jagged Fel! Authored by Violet Light, this PG-13 rated story takes place late in 35 ABY, between SW EU novels The Joiner King and The Unseen Queen. Depressed over how his girlfriend Jaina Solo heartlessly betrayed him, Jagged Fel meets an interesting Imperial Twi'lek named Neela.  Can Neela help him forget about his Jedi ex?" Check out the cool scene sketches below by artist Syd Fel!

From the story "Aerodynamic": Fighter Ace Jagged Fel and the Twi'lek Neela take an evening stroll through the park.
Face portrait of Shran,
a character from the story "Aerodynamic" by Violet Light.

Neat Guest Star Bio for actor Julian Glover! A detailed list of various TV and film roles for the man who portrayed the quintessential Imperial officer General Veers in The Empire Strikes Back. This link hails from a website devoted to the swinging sixties British spy show "The Avengers." (Julian played several villains in that series because he plays the hot bad guy thing so well!) Guaranteed to inspire you Veers fans to update your Netflix queue with some movies, BBC mini-series, and TV shows that Glover starred in!

Angel of the 501st, Part III
Part III of the PG-rated story Angel of the 501st is now online. The Battle of Hoth brings glory and tragedy to General Veers as duty takes precedence over his love for Lady Meena and son Zevulon; both of whom are being lead into a dangerous trap by Imperial Inquisitor Lord Ganner. (Parts I, II, and III of this Imperial saga have been updated and are ready to view in convenient pdf format. Reset your bookmarks!)

New Angel of the 501st illustrations from the talented artist Fornarina below:

By order of General Veers, Lady Meena Valorian is escorted to safety by Captain Dav after the Battle of Nati IV. The sinister Sith Agent Arik Ganner discovers Lady Meena's latent Force-sensitivity. Imperial war hero General Maximilian Veers is seriously injured during the Battle of Hoth.

More of Fornarina's gorgeous paintings, along with the work of other talented artists, can be found in the Fan Art Gallery, on the Angel of the 501st page, and throughout our website.

Artist Fornarina's rendering of Madame Director Ysanne Isard, head of Imperial Intelligence, looking lovely in red, with black leather accessories.
"Shoot, Mothma, shoot!" A wonderful illustration by Fornarina, from the story Admiral Piett and the Great Ewok Adventure, that has our men giving Rebel Alliance leader Mon Mothma some pointers on how to rid the Endorian forests of those annoying little creatures.

Admiral Motti's website now has a different look and url!!! Be sure to reset your bookmarks here! Check out all of the site's new features...with more of everything from the good Admiral, portrayed by Star Wars fan favorite Richard LeParmentier!

Confessions of a Star Wars Bad Guy
Here's a fun memoir written by TK-4460 (Rob Graham) entitled Confessions of a Star Wars Bad Guy, with a homage at the end to the men and women of the 501st Legion.

Daughter of the Empire
For all you Thrawnaholics, (yes, fangirl, we see you waving your hand over there) don't miss an exciting saga entitled Daughter of the Empire, written by Merlyn Gabriel. The story details the life of an ordinary girl from Tatooine who was given a job she couldn't refuse. (Like she's going to say no to the Imperial big cheese, Emperor Palpatine? We don't think so!) Sweet pdf chapter covers to boot!

The Memoirs of Imperial Officers (ff.n)
Another humorous story from fanfiction.net is The Memoirs of Imperial Officers, featuring many of our favorite Imp guys like Tarkin, Piett, Motti, Needa, Tagge, and Chief Bast...all of whom have to deal with a very temperamental Sith Lord.

Feast your eyes on these hot calendar stormies from the late, lamented Bucketheads site! For more Imperial banthacake, go here.

Imperial Hero Alert! Another successful battle waged for loyal citizens of the Empire! Before now, our links to the popular Wookiepedia website carried a warning of pro-Alliance bias, partly due to the Rebel favicon prominently displayed within the url of each page.

Recently, a brave someone took issue with this blatant disregard for the New Order and did some creative editing. The Wookiepedia favicon now sports half an Imperial Roundel where once it was all Alliance! Click on the recently revised symbol on the main page and you will be taken to Wickipedia's Neutral Point of View (NPOV) policy. (Now, if we could only get a volunteer special ops team to work on all of those anti-Imperial bios and articles...our victory would be complete!)

Check This Out! A revealing pic of hunky Imperial officer Lt. Janek Sunber from the Dark Horse Comics series "The Wrong Side of the War" and "My Brother, My Enemy" is resting on our new Comics page!

While you're there, scroll down a bit to get the scoop on a steamy subplot between Rebel spy Deena Shan and the Imperial "man of her dreams," (Deena's words, not ours!) Captain Kale Roshuir. Alas, Deena and Kale's relationship gets a little rocky due to their political differences. (We Imperial Chicks feel poor Deena has no one to blame but herself...and her Rebel friends!)

Fan Art by MGA for Her Story Inertia

Dania, whose union with Thrawn courts tragedy.
Dania, breaking the news to Illyana of her father’s untimely death.
Roganda Ismaren, one of Emperor’s favored mistresses, head of the Imperial courtesan class, and rumored Hand of Palpatine.
Dsai'llyana, or Illyana, the daughter of Thrawn and Dania.
Illyana dreams of her parents, Dania and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Inertia (ff.n)
Grand Admiral Thrawn’s legacy lives on through his heir Dsai’llyana, but will she survive as the consequence of her parent’s disastrous union?

Dutiful (ff.n)
Shortly after Palpatine is crowned Emperor, a handmaiden from Naboo becomes intrigued and fascinated by one of the Emperor’s mysterious royal guards. Short, sweet, and well-written.

Aces, Eights and Rebels, Part IV
The exciting conclusion! A dramatic space battle, a romantic rescue, and a grand ceremony on the flight deck.

Escape to Executor
Captain Needa escapes from an Alliance interrogation center and commandeers a shuttle, using Rebel leader Mon Mothma as his hostage!

The Accuser Plot (ff.n)
Three short chapters up so far, and Admiral Piett seems to be the main character. (A work in progress.)

Thrawnaholics rejoice! Check out Artistically Done (ff.n) MGA's Chiss-flavored area at Fanfiction.net, (ff.n) containing lots of Thrawn stories for your enjoyment. Particularly romantic is Favors, an PG-13 story, written by Chris Steel, that has Thrawn asking a female Imperial officer to pose as his wife to get out of a marriage his Chiss family had arranged fifteen years previous. Of course, romantic entanglements ensue!

Angel of the 501st Stories and Fan Art
If you're not familiar with this General Veers story, click now! That's the big news around here!

New fan art from Fornarina!
General Veers doesn't like Inquisitor Ganner's interest in Lady Meena.
Commander Vola Gabbe stands ready to assist Inquisitor Ganner in capturing the fleeing Countess Motti and Lady Meena.


New fan art from Gabe-E!

Found by GAT: A neat picture of actor Julian Glover as Count Scarlioni in the 1975 Dr. Who classic: City of Death.

We have added an Admiral Motti page, and there are two fan fics on it!

A big thank you to MadamGrandAdmiral (MGA) for the stories, Poise and Elegance, a fun NC-17 between Motti and his fiance, plus Mutually Beneficial, a PG-rated poignant recollection after Motti's death by an Imperial Courtesan who had originally been sent to pry Death Star information from the Admiral.

Disclaimer: This Star Wars fan site is not in any way, shape, or form connected with or approved by Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its licensees. (Hello…the Imps are the “good guys” here…that should give you a clue.) All Star Wars images and characters belong to the Maker George Lucas. We’re not making any money. It's just for fun. George, please don't sue us. If something shouldn't be here…just let us know…and we’ll remove it.