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Blitzen's Kenneth Colley Fanpage
Admiral Nelson. From the TV magazine that HannahMa bought, and graciously let me keep!

Left: from Wallenberg: A Hero's Story. I found a teensy version on the net and enlarged it a little.

I also bought a transparency on Ebay of a publicity picture from that movie that had him posing with Richard Chamberlain. I don't have any way to scan transparencies so I trotted down to Walmart. The lady in the photo department gave me a conspiratorial smile and said, "Hey, I know what you want this for! It's that guy, isn't it? The one who's in all those mini-series." I nodded my head and kept my mouth shut, and she was delighted.

Well, it is indeed that guy. He has been in more than one mini-series. So that was true, from a certain point of view.

Sound Files

And Nothing But the Truth

Do not make promises you can not make me keep! Now look, it's either my way or no way, I want us to agree on this.


Oh, I admired you as a gambler, but it seems you've forgotten how to leave the table when you're winning!

I Hired a Contract Killer

Nobody wants it, but die they must.


They would disappear. Like mice.

Search it again. Take these two with you. Search the hangar, search every closet, every stateroom in every building.

Les Miserables

Hm, for your own sake m'sieur, you had better be right.

Inspector, I am ordering you to the district of La Beauce, do you attempt to argue with me?

Midsomer Murders

The ufologist. This bears all the marks of extra-terrestrial activity.

This is getting serious.

Master of the Marionettes

You have a remarkable capacity for self-deception.

Inspector Morse: Second Time Around

So I decided to confront him with it, to ask him. And he admitted it straightaway. He said it was him. He said it was an accident but the more he spoke, the less I heard, all I could think of was Mary's killer was sitting right next to me and I thought about what he would get when he came out, fifteen or twenty years, and I couldn't stand the thought of that, so I just kept on beating him until he stopped breathing.

Do you want me to beg?

What do you know about it? These are criminals, they're animals. I want them arrested, Morse, both of them.

Do it, man!

She should have been held, by me, just once.

I had lost the only two people I ever really loved.

Oh for God's sake, Morse, what does it matter, in bed, on the sofa!

What shall I call you?


Damn you... you... Belgian!

The Scarlet and the Black

There is no doubt about it, Colonel, he was in an SS uniform.

Call for help, and you are dead.

Unnatural Causes

I will need her name, sir, regardless of your feelings, if we are to verify your alibi.

You won't get much out of him. He's about as much use as a fart in a windsock.

I'm Inspector Reckless, ma'am. I wonder if I might have a word. Can I come in?

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