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How Tall is Admiral Piett?
By Blitzen

The official site has him as 165cm, which is like 5'4". Some people commented on how short that is. But wait a second, I thought there is NO WAY Ken Colley is only 5'4". I compared his height to others in various movies, and then I phoned his agent. She told me he is 5'8".

I like that. That's the same as me. That simply means my Mary Sue fanfic character can't wear high heels for the rest of her life and she's totally okay with that.

For the doubting I have some pictorial proof!

This picture (right) came from www.jeffpiper.com. I asked Jeff how tall he was, and he said he is 6'4". Let's allow eight inches from the top of Jeff's head to the bottom of his nose and the fact that both of them are slouching...

There you have it.

"175" cm would be right. That "165" must be a typo.

(Blitzen feels that it is VERY, VERY important to be right about these things...)

LATER: More proof! Krista said, "I have to agree with you. I checked the picture I have of me with him, I'm like 5'7", and he is slightly taller than me in the picture. So you are totally right!"


Spat from www.spatcave.com says:

I'm 6', so I would say that the 5'8" theory is right. No way is he 5'4". And just so you know, Ken is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Thanks, Spat!

A MOUNTAIN OF PROOF! Look at this:

(There are even lines behind everyone's heads for easy comparison.)

Monika is 171 cm, and Alex is 5'8".

Alex writes, "It looks in the picture like Ken's a bit taller than I am, but perhaps that's because he's standing straighter than I am (must be that Imperial training!) Only too happy to be of use in the great quest to determine Ken Colley's height! Yes, he is a very nice man, and was very understanding and patient with us when we were trailing after him being adoring fans. Anyway, I think you're right, it's pretty clear he's not 5 ft 4!"

Monika writes, "Looking at the picture again, he seems to be a bit taller than me, and he definitely was not shorter than me, so I think you are right, that it has to be a typo."

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